Journals Design at Duke University Press

I worked at Duke University Press for more than 20 years as Journals Designer and Art Director. I saw the Press go through many changes, and enjoyed working with the Production and Editorial teams as we navigated those times. Through it all, the part of my work I liked best was continually redefining the look of our print and online journals—helping them stay relevant in the ever-changing world.

This DUP blog post describes my tenure at the Press and includes more examples of my work:
Journals designer Sue Hall retires after 23 years at Duke University Press.

This interview, which includes former Journals Designer Kelly Andrus, helps explain the role designers play in publication design and production.

A DUP Journals promotional video includes Director of Marketing and Sales Cason Lynley and me talking about the role design plays in the DUP journals program, beginning at 3:39. The complete video appears below.

Quotes from editors

“I’ve discovered that there are a lot of nice pluses, one of which is working with Sue Hall, the journals designer, who is a really important collaborator for us because so much of our creative journal is conveyed through the art. Sue has a great eye and great instinct for the photo that will really pull you into an article or to a feature, or how to position a cover in such a way in that it is an utterly alluring object to pick up.”
– Tom Sellar, editor of Theater

“The care that every single page elicited from the design team was extraordinary.”
– miriam cooke, co-editor of Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies

“I must say, the cover art and production quality of Transgender Studies Quarterly, by Sue Hall, the master of design for Duke University Press Journals, is absolutely gorgeous. If you, like me, think a lot is lost when reading online, if you crave the visceral pleasure of holding in your hands a beautifully designed actual book–which our curated special issues essentially are–consider getting a subscription…”
– Paisley Currah, co-editor of TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly

“I love, every three months, each issue, getting the drafts of the different covers, and getting choices between them. The covers are great. It gives a great boost to the journal that it’s so aesthetically pleasing. And it seems to be a pure pleasure aspect of the job—getting to discuss which covers I like best and choosing among the details of them.”
– Michael Hardt, editor of SAQ: South Atlantic Quarterly