I redesigned Archives of Asian Art to include a bolder journal logo that reflects the inclusion of more contemporary artwork. I improved readability by introducing flush left alignment, a clearer typographic hierarchy, and more white space to its flexible two-column page layout.  


The French Historical Studies cover redesign retains the French flag colors, with the addition of full-bleed imagery that spans the tricolor panels. I improved readability throughout by changing the combination flush left/centered layout to a simpler, left-aligned one, increasing white space, and introducing clearer typographic hierarchies throughout.  


I redesigned The Philosophical Review to feature Cornell University’s signature red on the cover. Retaining the established centered page alignment, I used hairline rules to add structure to the article opening and table of contents pages. I maintained but refined the original typeface to improve readability: lining numbers became old style, small caps became all small caps, and italicized all caps running heads became roman all small caps and title case italics.  


Eighteenth-Century Life continues to use the illustrations by G. Neagle (Fables by John Gay, 1793) on the cover; I added a full-bleed detail to the background and introduced volume color changes. To emphasize the journal’s name I separated its hand-drawn logo type from the oval vignette and set it in a script typeface. I replaced the interior’s heavy printer ornaments with lighter typographic ones that are secondary to the display text, and introduced a clearer typographic hierarchy.


Cultural Politics was redesigned to accommodate changing cover artwork and to graphically separate the words “Cultural” and “Politics” in the journal logo. I improved readability by changing to serif and sans serif typefaces that provided better contrast between display and text typography. The original bold, distinctive page number/running foot blocks became bleeding hairline rules that continue to frame but no longer dominate the page.


Journal of Music Theory was redesigned to incorporate changing cover imagery, which was provided as historical music-related illustrations from Yale University Music Library’s Special Collection. I used the cover art in a small oval combined with an enlarged, full-bleed detail that wraps the front and back covers. I improved readability by pairing serif and sans serif typefaces, and introduced two-columned footnotes to a simple, flush left layout that accommodates a variety of figure shapes and sizes.  


I redesigned Duke Mathematical Journal to maintain the original wide margins and typeface, while refining that typography to create a simpler, more accessible page. I increased the leading and made all text—including a-, b-, c-, and d-level subheads—flush left by removing all indents except for true paragraph ones; this left alignment contrasts with always-centered equations and diagrams and improves readability. I added hairline rules to anchor article openings and add structure to the front and back covers. I set the journal logo flush left using the interior typeface, and made the spine a distinctive, solid blue.